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Maternity Portraits Summary


Natural maternity portraits, generally done outdoors.


Anywhere in the Tri-state. Outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

Most clients go for the outdoor session, similar to the engagement sessions, this is probably the last session that will be all about you.

For home sessions, we'd keep it natural (no studio background).

In NYC I've done most of these sessions in Central Park, though something more urban is also an option and we can shoot in places like SoHo or Tribeca. 


Pregnancy: Usually at about 30-32 weeks. When you're clearly showing but are not too close to your due date and might be uncomfortable.

Time: Close to sunset is ideal, otherwise earlier in the morning.


Currently there are 2 maternity galleries you can visit, one is the home session and one is outdoors.

I now offer shorter, more affordable sessions.

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Kat H. - Central Park Maternity Photos

Seriously… Wow!

I’d give Roy 100 million stars if I could! He is seriously amazing! Here’s why:

1. We had scheduled our maternity shoot for last Saturday, a week after Nemo the blizzard. After searching around, I wasn’t able to secure an indoors location. When we proposed Central Park, he was totally game and even suggested a few more outdoor locations. I really appreciated his flexibility.

2. It was bone-snapping cold that day, yet he took the time to look for the ideal backgrounds and took ample photos of each angle. We entered on the 72nd Street & 5th Avenue side of the park and roamed throughout. He wasn’t looking at the time & rushing. He really put his effort into finding the perfect backgrounds and that we were having fun! Also, he made sure that I had my jacket on and that I was comfortable in between the shoot. Seriously…wow.

3. At the beginning of the shoot, I warned him that I’m very awkward in front of the camera. I hate having photos taken of myself alone. He worked so seamlessly and made it so much fun that we were just being ourselves. Of course, he suggested a few poses every now and then, and those poses were, yes, again, So. Much. Fun.

4. My boyfriend made a few requests with the backgrounds, certain details of the park that he’d like to include. Roy took every request, ran with it, and improvised even more ideas on it. A-w-e-s-o-m-e.

5. He pays immense attention to detail. He kept picking up lint from our shirts and made sure that our outfits are photo-ready. There was a huge wedding party at the park as well and he even noticed the tilted flower on the groom’s lapel and proceeded to tell their photographer (who ignored Roy…or maybe he just didn’t hear him…).

6. Last but not least, just had to say…I felt like a diva for having had two men hoist me up and down the band shell! My boyfriend and I had such a great time climbing up and down the rocks and maneuvering in between exposed tree roots…especially me in my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes! Towards the very end, we shot the rest in my Doc Martens…an unexpected wardrobe change, since my focus was all on my 7.5-month belly so I didn’t plan for any wardrobe change at all, however minute it was ? All in all, there aren’t enough words to praise Roy. He’s simply the best! We had a wonderful, magical time and I really cannot wait to see the photos! We also plan on calling him again for our baby girl’s photo shoot when she’s born ?

Thank you so, so much, Roy!

New York Maternity Photography – Session Summery

Choose to do your maternity portrait sessions outdoors (Central Park, city streets, Brooklyn Bridge, local beach)or in the convenience and comfort of your home 

Maternity portrait sessions always include both parents as well as any siblings.

Outdoor sessions

These outdoor sessions are like the natural couple portraits and can take place anywhere (though most of our outdoor maternity photos have taken place around NYC).

We will walk around for a couple of hours, taking plenty of moments to break and rest up.

Westchester Maternity Photographer

Home sessions

New York City, Hamptons, LI, Westchester, NJ.

A great option for a winter maternity session or for clients who don't want an outdoor session.

We'd do natural/lifestyle portraits in your home, as well as more creative shots like silhouettes etc.

NYC – Westchester – Long Island – Hamptons

home maternity photographer nyc

Best time to do your maternity session

Though it may differ from one client to the next, generally, maternity portraits are best done around 7.5 months.
When your belly is big enough to clearly show... and you're not too big to be uncomfortable at your session.

It's never too early to book your session, we can always change the date if something comes up as the date gets close.

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Samir - Central Park Maternity Client

Great Experience!!!!

Like many of you, we came across Roy by reading reviews. I emailed couple of photographers and Roy was the 1st to reply back. I really appreciated his quick Responses. It was a pleasure working with Roy for our Maternity Photo Shoot. He is very patient and open to suggestions. His main goal was to make the couple feel comfortable. As a result I love that his pictures are very natural. Also love the fact that he is willing to work around our schedule, made my life much easier. The pictures came out great and my wife was blown away by his use of natural light. I highly recommend Roy to future clients. Thanks Roy for a great experience!!!!

Ben - NYC Newborn & Maternity Client

Excellent Value

We have hired Roy on three separate occasions over the past three years. Once for maternity photos, and twice for newborn photos. He is our first choice to capture these fleeting, important moments. When our second child came a few days late, he worked to reschedule other shoots in order to fit us in on our preferred date. Roy has an amazing ability to calm and position newborn babies in exactly the right spot. His creative eye and

Roy has an amazing ability to calm and position newborn babies in exactly the right spot. His creative eye and suitcase full of props ensure a variety of settings and poses. He is meticulous, stopping to move the angle of a feather, or position a wayward finger. His attention to detail shows in the finished photos, which can take your breath away. We use the photos in announcement cards, hang them on our wall, and share them in digital media. I find his packages and products to be of excellent value, and worth every penny. I cannot recommend him enough. You will be pleased with his work.

Central Park Maternity Cherry Blossom

Congratulations on expecting!

Home Maternity Photography Westchester

Jenn C. - Maternity Portrait Client

He Exceeded Our Highest Expectations In Every Way

For starters, I rarely leave reviews. I'm a first-time, soon-to-be mom who found Roy by researching photographers for my upcoming newborn. The review I'm leaving is actually for the maternity photos we just had done, which I was very reluctant to do at 36 weeks pregnant. It just doesn't feel like a flattering time to have your photo taken. But I read a blog about a mother who was only able to get pregnant once... she hid from the camera throughout her entire pregnancy and today is filled with regret that she didn't document her only pregnancy. It was heart breaking.

But enough about me, here's Roy's deal... he's incredible!!! You will not regret working with him. He's so easy to communicate with and work with. Roy is extremely flexible, he'll work wherever you choose -- your home, in the city, at a nearby landmark. And the results are magical. We are so happy and impressed with the work he did and cannot wait to have Roy photograph our newborn.

Truthfully, my husband and I were worried because being photographed takes us out of our comfort zone. And we didn't think that our house was providing a good landscape for photography. We have an unfinished backyard and rooms in our house that are still empty or filled with junk from our move last year. But the end result is that our pictures are truly incredible, beyond what I was hoping for. I don't know how Roy captured what he did... he didn't just provide us with one or two "keepers." We have dozens of pictures all worthy of being framed.

Bottom line: he exceeded our highest expectations in every way. We're grateful we found such a talented guy who we're excited to work with in the future.