Currently, I am using A Nikon D800 and a Fujifilm X systems.
For commercial clients, the 36mp of the Nikon are more than enough for very large prints including billboards.

How much are extra prints from my session?

Additional prints are very reasonably priced:


How long until I get to see the proofs from my session?

You will see your private online gallery in about 2-5 business days. sometimes sooner, depending on workload.


Do I get all the pictures on a CD?
It depends on which package you choose. Some packages do include the digital copies.
Any package would always have an option to purchase all the files if they are not already included.


How many prints are included with my session?

Each session/package usually has a few prints included, please look at the specific package you’re interested in.

How long to get prints from the day I order?

You can expect your prints at your door in about 7-14 days, sometimes sooner (rarely longer).

Orders can be rush ordered. I always do my best to be accommodating. Please be aware that every image gets reviewed before your order is sent to the lab for printing.

Do you do your own printing?

No. All of my prints are made by a professional lab… While this may not be the most cost-effective way, it ensures the printing is done by printing professionals and it shows in the final product.

Even though every image is corrected, the printing lab will review each image again and will correct whatever is needed in terms of color and brightness

You can expect beautiful, sharp, colorful (and color corrected), prints… Printed on the most technologically advanced papers available to professional photographers.

Will my prints be made Glossy or Matte?


All prints are made on professional matte paper and archival canvas.


Do I get a password so I can see my online? Can I share it with friends?

Yes. your gallery is private and you can share your password with friends and family.

You will receive 2 emails, one with your gallery link and password, and another with the download instructions… This way you can feel comfortable sharing your gallery without having to worry about who is downloading your photos.

Do you shoot in color and then we can order Black and white if we would like?

All the photographs are usually shot in color, It is during the editing phase that some of them are converted to black and white (usually when you have similar shots)…

When you order we can convert any color shot into black and white, unfortunately, you will not be able to do it the other way around (convert/revert black and white images to color).

Why do I need to sign a release form?

Like any artist, I like to have full control of my work.

Every client is required to sign a release form prior to their photo session. This release form gives the artist (us) the rights to publish the photograph on our website and or commercially. I am unable to do any work for clients who are unwilling to accept these terms.

Once in a while I update my portfolio and publish select photos from my clients’ sessions. I am very reasonable and care greatly about my clients. I will notify you if any if your images are published on our website, and will most likely remove a particular image if you don’t like it.

You may read more about release forms by looking at this page (Wikipedia).

So what exactly does my session fee cover?

Your session fee is for the photographer’s time and creativity. Your session may only last an hour or 2, but downloading, editing, backing up, posting your gallery, all take time. Any given session can end up being closer to a full day’s work… your session fee covers this.

Some packages include a few prints that are also included with your session fee.


Please note. All Clients are required to sign a photo release form prior to their session.